Ed Tudor

photos and video courtesy of the Tudor Family

Ed Tudor joined I.D.E.A. in 1946 (still a partnership company at the time) and was the company's President when it became a corporation in 1947. Tudor was instrumental in expanding I.D.E.A.'s business over many years, including 1954 when the Regency Division formed a partnership with Texas Instruments during the development of the TR-1. On October 28, 1954, Ed Tudor was presented with the Serial No. 2 Regency TR-1 in recognition of his efforts.



In 1980 at the Texas Instruments 50th company anniversary, Tudor recognized the accomplishments of the TI-Regency team back in 1954, and extended a special accommodation to the industry suppliers who provided components during the TR-1 development. Quote Tudor "The Regency radio triggered the miniature discrete components market...in those days there was no miniature tuning condensers, there was no miniature electrolytic capacitors, there was no miniature IF transformers, no miniature speakers, and the list goes on and on. Every one of those things had to be created or invented by the people who made it."

view the video of Ed Tudor at this 50th anniversary celebration. TI Vice President, Pat Haggerty, is shown at the tail end of this video. 3:04 minutes


The IEEE conducted an interview with Tudor in 1985.




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