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Don Pies at Le Refuge d' Argentière mountain hut, French Alps, and in the Sierra

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Regency TR-1 - The First Transistor Radio
In 1954, the Regency TR-1 became the world's first transistor radio.

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS MOMENT - The Regency TR-1 kicked-off a worldwide demand for small and portable electronic products that bred the DNA for all Personal Electronic Devices and smartphones we now use on a daily basis.

1954 TR-1 on left and 1956 TR-1G on right

On-line article covering 7 days of ski mountaineering in Canada's Selkirk mountains

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Don Pies' climb up the Northwest Face of Half Dome in 1978

JFK Assassination Newspapers from Dallas

At the time of the John F. Kennedy assassination, our family collected four Dallas newspapers. CLICK to view these newspapers in a 55 page PDF document online (wait for load time). Use save-as to download document. Hyperlinks to each of the 4 newspapers are given on page 2; zoom-in may be necessary to read type.

Dallas Morning News, Nov 22, 1963, early edition
Hours before John F. Kennedy was assassinated

Dallas Times Herald, Nov 22, 1963, final edition
Hours after John F. Kennedy was assassinated

Dallas Morning News, Nov 23, 1963
Morning after John F. Kennedy assassination

Dallas Times Herald, Nov 25, 1963, final edition
Lee Harvey Oswald Killed

One memory from that day…"wow, the president was brought to the same community hospital (Parkland) that I'd go to if I got hurt".

The front page headlines of each of these newspapers are shown below